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([personal profile] stefeny May. 6th, 2009 10:12 am)
OOOOOHHHHH!! Hooray for me! It only took about a week for me to do this ... my procrastination skilz iz wikkid!

I already have an LJ account under the same name as this one on which I post my more random ramblings about my rather boring life, so I'm gonna try and keep this one for posting my writing.

I envisage that this site will be rather unused, if my previous writing record is to go by. I'm hoping that by actually having to pay for this site, I'll guilt myself into using it ... that's the hope.

I think it a good idea to end this before I start rambling on as is my wont. My aim is to have something posted here by Friday. I should be able to do that ...

DISCLAIMER: My writing at the moment is RUBBISH and not really fit to be read by anyone. I need flames, critiques and anything else that would be deemed constructive. Abuse is appreciated (and reciprocated, so be warned) ;).
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From: [personal profile] bibliobitch

Check your Hotmail, including the spam-box! I sent you a message.

Don't make me spam your LJ! LMAO!

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